Introducing Toughpress

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I would like to introduce this Toughpress Blogger template to you.

Toughpress template is originally an brown creative Wordpress theme authored by Jinsona Design. It is later converted by me to Blogger template.

Toughpress Blogger template did pass the test of following latest internet browser:

  • Internet Explorer 8
  • Opera 9.61
  • Firefox RC3
  • Google Chrome

Check out more features and download this template in the post, Blogger Template: Toughpress!

Black Blogger Template Collection

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Hive Leader briefs:

The Blogger world is crowded with beautiful and fantastic template within different blog and website, but it would be better if you can find all templates in just 1 series of post.

With this idea, I decided to make a list for Black Blogger template. The list is started with 10 templates and would be increased as more and more black Blogger template appeared. Enjoy and have a nice blogging with your preferred template!

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